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    Doctor Whom

    Good points Jennifer.

    Medicare Select – which after all was only a broad idea in the NHHRC papers has fallen victim to the simplistic ideology and cliches that abound in Australia and substitute for evidence or even a bit of considered thought.

    The libertarian think tanks have hailed it as freedom, choice and a move away from the nanny state. The knee jerk neo-socialists have claimed it as the beginning of the destruction of Medicare , a move to the USA system and the abandonment of universality.

    Nope. Even at its most basic Medicare Select is about universal coverage, state funded and risk adjusted insurance and some flexibility of funds to offer innovative care that combined prevention, early intervention and incentives to practitioners and consumers.

    Before this polarises into a left /right stoush it would be good if there aas a bit of decent exploration of options.

    Geographic and interest based universal insurance schemes, risk adjusted by the Feds, run by not for profits (Industry Super Funds and Credit unions come to mind) could give us the best of NHS/Australian schemes plus the best of the European schemes without the downside of the USA schemozzle. (I’m not sure there is a lot of upside to learn from in USA Health schemes)


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