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    Gavin — wiping away your drool for a moment, you write “And on prevention, they want to tackle the villains on the supply side and tax their advertising budgets – oh I could drool!” The “prevention mafia” as you call them (remembering that mafia are criminals who kill people) wrote three volumes for the Preventative(sic) Health Task Force, full of strategies to “tackle the villains” in tobacco, alcohol and food. To the great credit of the Government, they announced their intention to introduce plain packaging — the first country in the world to do so (and just look at the industry’s reaction if there’s any doubt how effective this will be). Their response to alcohol and food was very poor, although the did introduce the alcopops tax — again causing apoplexy in the industry.

    The Greens have been terrific on all this, but Labor has been pretty good, and even the Libs changed the tax regime from weight to stick, and brought on graphic warnings. Smoking has never been lower in Australia. Except for the prison population and people with psychosis, there are no population groups in Australia today where a majority smoke.

    Taxing advertising? There hasn’t been any tobacco advertising since 1994.

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    Jennifer Doggett

    Jennifer Doggett

    “…..the votes would have been limited, restricted mainly to health policy wonks who read the Croakey blog.”

    Limited???? Doesn’t everyone read Croakey??? 😉

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    Thanks Jennifer!
    We wish….


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