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    My name is Mitch; I am an Australian trained Physician Assistant (PA).

    Great comments above and I’m really looking forward to the discussion to come from the recent HWA report. At this time, I’d like to thank ACCRM for their ongoing support, in the introduction of PA’s into the Australian Health Care System. And, to acknowledge the efforts of all supporting organisations.

    I understand the position of NSW in their desire to pursue the Hospitalist role. I recently conducted a Cardiology clinical rotation in Ontario, Canada. I worked directly for a Cardiologist, with a team of highly skilled Nursing staff in the Electrophysiology (EP) and Heart Failure (HF) Department at Health Science North (HSN) Sudbury. HSN is a tertiary/secondary regional centre, which accommodates a land mass of roughly 800,000km2, not that dissimilar to that of NSW.

    I worked alongside Physicians who were employed as Hospitalists, on numerous occasions, lightening the EP & HF patient load. The Physicians were well trained, however given the locality were short staffed, consulting thirty (30) plus patients per day.

    Health care in Canada experiences similar Health demands and shares similar land mass/population distribution issues, to that of Australia. In my experience, the role of Hospitalists and PA’s within the Australian Health System will be essential to meet the future demands of the ageing Australian population.

    Kind Regards,

    Mitch Herriman Physician Assistant


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