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    Conservative governments rarely tell the truth about the out of pocket costs of privatised healthcare. One appointment with a private specialist could be $600. One night in a private hospital could cost $1,000. One minor surgery could set you back $10,000. The insurance rebates may return nothing, to 80% of the total cost. Insurance rebates are kept secret. Very few private doctors and hospitals discuss their out of pocket costs. Private bills are completely fragmented with one surgery triggering six bills alone from different providers.

    I am not aware of any ‘bundled quotes’ for whole of treatment care in any Australian private hospital. Patients are frequently left to find out at the last minute, on the hop, what their bills actually are. Unlike all other commercial products, there is no public debate about cost and quality of health care.

    We have the USA style privatisation in 1/3 of our hospital beds. Healthcare lobby groups simply have too much power over politicians. The community/consumer voice is underfunded and under resourced. The result? Many bankrupt patients and an excess of sub standard medical care.

    Please consider supporting my crowd funding campaign to create an app, giving Australians information on the cost and quality of health care.

    And before you think the NHS is Britain is safe, have a look at this video.


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