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    Kathryn Barnsley

    This is a brilliant analysis by a kind, caring , competent, insightful public servant.

    Siobhan says ” As officers within the public service we can find ourselves paralysed by our own accountabilities and processes……”

    There are many reports which echo this concern, however nothing seems to improve. Maybe it will this time. I hope so.

    I think of the wonderful public servants I know and have worked with over the years who have tried so hard to do the right thing, but their efforts have been stymied by excessive iterative over-consultation, complex committee systems, with no outcomes or results.

    If public servants are to be innovative and creative they need to be encouraged and mistakes have to be tolerated by governments, not scapegoating individuals, but supporting them to strive to do new and clever things. Assigning blame and stifling innovation in the name of media spin or parochialism will never lead to good outcomes for the Tasmanian community.

    Well said Siobhan. Good luck in your endeavours.


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