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    Wow – its some list and all so obvious, except, it seems, to our state and federal governments, who continue to deny the effects of climate change and are making huge cuts to our health and community sector resources.

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    Heatwaves, floods, cyclones, bushfire et al. Each a threat, but not equally a common threat, to life and limb. In minds of we the public, there appears to be an emotional “loading” on one threat over another threat. Regretfully, politics and politicians reflecting views of vociferous and vested interest minority groups, regularly “mix the message”. Thus deliberately confusing and confounding both Public and Media debate.
    Climate Change! Allegedly, some 90% of Scientists qualified to speak authoritatively on the subject of Climate Change, have concluded and advised an ultra urgent response be launched world-wide. The Australian Govt. continues to ignore and denigrate those knowledgeable scientific voices. The PM has chosen to “load” the dice on this issue! Whilst the debate swirls and boils, moving from topic to topic, threat to threat, public judgement will remain unable to focus and agree upon core realities as provided by our embattled Scientists. Without Federal Govt. LEADERSHIP individual threats continue to pile up, as does the toll on lives of Australian citizens. Hand-outs will not “cut it” anymore!


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