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    Sonia Fullerton

    Hi Anne,
    Thanks for writing about this! I am a senior doctor in a public hospital in Melbourne and #hellomynameis was my pledge for Change Day 2014.
    I wear a clear, white name badge which says my “Dr Sonia Surname, Senior Doctor” and is easy to read. Patients and family members often ask me about it and comment that it’s so hard to know who is who in the complex hospital environment.
    I have been involved in getting the clear white name badges introduced into my hospital and have also plugged it in other hospitals, as I wear it every day and talk about it often.
    My Change Day pledge for 2015 is #lettertome – I will write outpatient letters to the PATIENT and not to the referring doctor. Cool, huh?
    Come and join us at and join #hellomynameis in Australia and introduce yourselves freely and often!
    #hellomynameis Sonia

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    Anne Cahill Lambert

    Sonia, how gorgeous. Thanks!

    I have been a great proponent of the concept of “nothing about me without me” as well – it is really hard to get clinicians to just copy the patient into the correspondence. Or, perhaps, get the letter sent to the patient with a copy to the referring GP and other clinicians involved in care. I will certainly join in and am very grateful to you for all you are doing!

    With best wishes; Anne.


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