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    Fred Leftwich

    Some aboriginal and non-aboriginal leaders has been asked on how to fix the third world, inter-generational poverty that aboriginal people continue to endure and we get the same standard reply about better service delivery. Unfortunately, for the past 40 years government service delivery just hasn’t worked. The evidence is in the government’s own Australian bureau of statistics data that shows aboriginal poverty just gets worse over the past 40 years. Aboriginal people working with governments to create better service delivery started in the 1980s when the Hawke and Keating governments asked aboriginal people to sign up to work in public services to tell white bureaucrats how to improve service delivery. This didn’t work because the white bureaucrats were racist and didn’t want to fix aboriginal poverty. Since John Howard, all Australian governments have adopted assimilation and genocide policies and I haven’t heard the work “self determination” for the past 17 years. The call for ‘better service delivery’ is just a distraction for government’s informal, subtle and silent assimilation and genocide policies. The only way to move forward is with a treaty where aboriginal people can live and die by their own decisions and not the decisions of white governments. If service delivery is the answer (which is is not), can someone ask the aboriginal and white leaders to provide a lot of the detail on why it hasn’t worked for the past 40 years? It’s just an excuse so Australian governments can be seen to doing something in the eyes of the international community. At present, all we get is the mantra ‘better service delivery’ without no explanation of why it has failed.


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