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    Peter Walker

    Medicare definitely needs fixing. But the very first thing the government has to do, regarding Medicare, is to come clean over its dirty little pay secret to 4000+ Aussie GPs!

    These 4000+ Aussie doctors are on HALF Medicare rebates from the fedgov for the EXACT same work and responsibility as their other GP colleagues. The Medicare rebates of these highly-skilled doctors have been FROZEN since 1992! These doctors’ training and qualifications are absolutely IDENTICAL to the majority of their GP colleagues who get paid the normal GP Medicare rebate.

    The Medicare rebate these doctors get is now LESS than what a mowing man gets for cutting a tiny lawn, for the same time! And he doesn’t have any staff costs, practice costs, medical liability costs, etc that have to come out of the Medicare rebate before the doctor gets paid! (And the mowing man certainly doesn’t take the immense RESPONSIBILITY these doctors take every day.)

    If something isn’t done to stop this shocking discrimination these Aussie doctors will have to leave medicine and start all over again in another career, late in life. (How appalling.)

    Don’t we value our Aussie GPs? Mr Rudd, you certainly use the phrase a great deal, but do you really believe in the Aussie “Fair Go”? When are you going to stop blocking these doctors’ efforts to form a UNION so they can get EQUAL PAY??
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    Rhonda Kerr

    Is it Liberal Policy to sell Medibank Private? It was before the election but is not included in the lovely ‘Real Solutions’ booklet. Similarly prior to the election the Shadow Minister for Health Mr Dutton said the Independent Health Pricing Authority(IHPA), the Health Performance Authority and the Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare were “ unnecessary bureaucracies “ to be abolished. Is that the policy? I have written to Mr Dutton asking but cannot get a reply of any sort, nor can my local member. What are the plans for hospital funding in the event of a Liberal victory?


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