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    Jon Hunt

    There is no right or wrong answer in this. From a GP point of view, you need to communicate efficiently with patient. You need to do proper medicine, including preventative medicine. A ten minute consult is not long enough to do anything properly unless you already know the patient very well. Those that have consults at least 15 minutes long could be expected to be more likely to do things properly and take the time do preventative stuff. If your GP only spends ten minutes with you, best find someone else. If they don’t do preventative stuff, find someone else. If they don’t seem to care about what you are saying, find someone else.

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    – What about people who do not have access to the internet and find it hard to get access? Seems to me that little has been said about this.
    – What about people who can’t really be bothered to ‘rate’ their doctors even if they know they are bad? (these people really do exist, especially those who strongly feel that their comments will NOT be taken seriously into consideration.)

    – How many bad ratings does it take for alarm bells to sound?
    – Do people know of the current relevant avenues where they can lodge a complaint or raise issues, if need be?

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    I believe that in a computer mediated programme like this everybody shoul be able give his advise to a problem. It should be left to the indvidual who takes the advise to assess the appropriateness of the answer.
    Sometimes those who are not doctors give good advise., while the advise given by doctors may be difficult to be interpreted.
    The internet will be used by an individual when he is unable
    to contact his doctor.
    Every body has his own doctor and always he can visit his own doctor later.

    Sometimes I have seen that those who suffered from a disease or are suffering from a disease giving advise. This is good .
    Interaction of this nature will make ,every one globally achieve good health care, and that is what is needed.
    And many who ask questions know much about their problem, and they would definitely get a consolation reading the answers.

    There id definitely no need to rate doctors who appear on the web.

    But there are ways when anybody feels that a doctor’ s advice is incorrect he should be able to bring this to the notice of Yahoo, or make his own unbiased comment.

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    If doctors would provide their own credible ratings websites like would not be so popular with patients. They want it both ways, they suppress internal review and try to discredit external rating services.


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