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    It is bad enough living with obesity: with the discomforts and the medical consequences.

    It is a scandal that the scientific community believes that it understands what causes obesity and how to fix it while reliable evidence to the contrary is ignored.

    It is an indictment on our community that obese people are disbelieved, denigrated and socially excluded.

    Now the Australian government wants to pay doctors to succeed in keeping people living with diabetes out of hospital. A major plank of that is reducing obesity. The problem is not just that patients may not do what the doctors direct, but that what the doctors direct may not be effective.

    So a “failing” patient, whether or not they do what the doctors direct, may find it even more difficult than currently to obtain medical support.

    I wonder if this is an “unintended consequence” or not?

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    I feel I am living in an alternate reality. Is it just me or do others think it’s about time we abandoned Medicare as a failure. I’m sick to death of seeing people stress about getting into a GP and finding one that bulk-bills. New model please….
    How about a subscriber/membership system for true family practice. Salary all GPs/PHC staff. Continue government control of available instruments ie pathology, diagnostic gear, drugs etc. Means test the subscription with state support for those that fall through the cracks. Cut down the incredible bureacracy of ‘managing the system’ and let ALL health care professionals get on with the caring!!! Health Reform!! Ha.

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    Jenny Haines

    Diabetes is one of those diseases that can be well managed by Nurse Practitioners or Practice Nurses. There may not be a need for a diabetic to see a GP if they are seeing a Nurse Practitioner or Practice Nurse. Or will the GPs see the patients that help meet the accreditation standards and the nurses see the rest – the chronically non compliant, the difficult patients so that the GP meets the performance criteria. Just a thought!


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