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    Norman Hanscombe

    The magazine’s deputy editor’s claim that general practice was being attacked by the Federal Government possibly helps give him a “noble” cause. He’s very thin, however, in presenting convincing areas where more taxpayers’ money should be spent.
    The deeper question was why, for all the familiar rhetoric about the importance of tackling chronic disease in Australia, there had been no significant investment in the speciality for a decade. There’s scant point in him asking “Where is the GP leadership?” He needs to say WHAT leadership actions will ameliorate whatever it is which concerns him. That would seem more appropriate than him participating in what’s largely an inter-union demarcation battle. There’s more than enough of that already in the Building Industry.
    As for the “awareness campaign it’s running on prime-time TV” as is generally the case it seems mainly about winning over bodies from its union opponents, and the same is true “for its plaques and posters branded with the College logo it has been sending out to its GP members, and the spending of hundreds of thousands of GP dollars.”
    I’m sure, as you say, “Many among the College rank and file are wondering when they sanctioned the spending of their membership fees on such a high-cost strategy.” We know how this works already, and it’s likely they’ll discover nowadays it’s just business as usual in union circles generally.
    There’s little doubt on whose side Crikey will be. They could hardly forgive the ACRRM for having “actually praised, commending then health minister Peter Dutton’s “courage in taking a stand for quality and value for taxpayers’ money”.


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