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    michael r james

    The problem with a traffic-lights system is it really is grossly simplistic and is hostage to the usual vested interests–like the Heart Foundation and their absurd Heart Tick. And it is liable to confusion as our woeful scientific understanding of diet v health changes.

    The fact that the UK is adopting traffic lights is not necessarily an endorsement. Sure their lamentable state of diet and health has forced desperate measures, but I am seriously sceptical it will make any difference even if I agreed with the food ratings (I am pretty sure they will give a green to “fat free yoghurt” that is loaded up with sugar.)

    But I agree that the “daily intake” nonsense should simply disappear off labels and off any dietary thinking. Not only are the measures unrealistic as the author points out but the assumption behind the recommended intakes are on shaky scientific grounds.

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    pat white

    sorry folks but if you have to read a label its not food its a PRODUCT,and everything on the packaging is just marketing,if your granny wouldnt recognise it dont eat it


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