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    Kaye Mehta

    Well said Fran. It is a sad time in Australia as health departments in states like South Australia seem to abandon health promotion in favour of medicalised treatment services. The government’s failure to act on the compelling evidence of social determinants of health is depressing. As leaders charged with acting in the people’s interests, our governments are failing us in their responsibility to create the best conditions that will enable the population to be healthy and productive. Instead they have buried their heads in the morass of illness. In South Australia we are seeing the demise of a number of excellent community nutrition programs (Community Foodies, Start Right Eat Right and Eat Well Be Active). These programs carried the potential to improve population eating habits and thereby prevent obesity and chronic disease. No amount of treatment programs are going to prevent these health problems because treatment and prevention are two completely different service paradigms; we shouldn’t need to spell that out in the 21st century! Kaye Mehta, Senior Lecturer, Nutrition & Dietetics, Flinders University, South Australia.


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