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    Trevor Kerr

    This wouldn’t be happening if all the craft groups in health care were able to get together and form major objectives by consensus.
    That won’t happen because some of them thrive on perceptions of their own power, and others by deliberately setting out to cause division and discord. Can there be any other explanation?
    The major impediment to progress, as I get tired of saying, is that citizens are ignorant of the real costs of individual transactions in their health care. There won’t be any political incentive for government to do much more until that information is freely available.
    At the current rate of fall-out, though, it’s apparent that elective procedures are being auctioned off between public & private providers. Again, though, without any understanding by the electorate of the costs involved. The new agencies will attempt to make those funding decisions, but without access to real-time comparative data, and without a proper framework of accountability and transparency. Costs will continue to rise. Scandals will emerge, due to the fragmented nature of health care and increasing disenchantment of the people who can call the funding agencies to account.
    It’s going to get uglier, and who will suffer?

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    Trevor Kerr

    Will we ever see a report like Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us for Oz?
    No, because Govt as third-party payor shields us from costs. And that leaves expensive decisions in the hands of very few. Ripe for collusion & exploitation, but declaration of conflicts of interests is low, very low, on list of medical opinion-leaders’ priorities.


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