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    Tessa Fox

    While it may be true that Andrew Forrest genuinely does want to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians, it is also well noted that he is another white ‘Australian’ privileged male. The healthy welfare card that Forrest proposed is a rebranding of the intervention in the Northern Territory. It is, in the most pure sense of the word, an intervention into the lives of the Indigenous. Even without knowing true figures, I can be certain that a large portion of white Australia buys porn and gambles. Where is the intervention for white Australia? If we are going to provide Indigenous Australians with a welfare care then we also need to provide one to white Australians. The response to the abuse of welfare money needs to be fair and equal. It is not right to paint a picture of Indigenous Australians spending their welfare money on gambling instead of their children’s education when, at the same time, this is happening in white communities.


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