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    ron batagol

    This is a subject very close to my heart. Indeed, a practical, but hopefully less common situation these days, is pharmacists giving patients consumer medicine information leaflets, without going through and highlighting, in plain English, the, usually, 4-5 key points regarding safety and/or things to look out for by way of potential side-effects.
    In my specific area of professional interest, having published several book on the subject for health professionals I am just now setting up the publishing process for what I believe is the first of its type, namely a book I have written, in plain English, to explain directly to pregnant women, the risk versus benefit issues surrounding safety of medicines used during pregnancy, including issues relevant to specific medicines. Frankly, in the area of medicines used in obstetrics, as in many other medical areas, people can be overwhelmed and confused with the medical “gobbledygook” that often accompanies explanations given by health professionals, so I think the concept of well-informed plain English guidance is essential in assisting the community to achieve a greater degree of health literacy.

    Ron Batagol, Pharmacy and Obstetric Drug Information Consultant


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