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    Harris Evan

    Well said Jennifer. I live on our major waterway, the Murray, no longer drinkable and seasonally irritating to wash in. I live downwind of a major viticulture area, with credible evidence of cancer clusters in our town. But the Murray is one of the most watched rivers, and our agriculture one of the most examined for best practice. Australia has dozens of such areas, some of them with a history of chemical disposal that most people don’t want to know about. Asbestos and lead are two of the knowns, while the ubiquitous diesel soot is virtually the Cinderella of disease agents. Something is driving the depressive illness, being found in most communities. The wild card is the disease vector of fast travel, with exposure to hitherto unknown pathogens arriving from almost all countries, especially Asia, in the temporary labour force. Only the fast onset viral and respiratory pathogens will be detected upon quarantine questioning, “have you felt ill in the last few days?” All it takes is the slow onset neurotoxins getting a wide vector and getting a foothold. Hence the panic about influenza or ebola allomorphs. Few travel professionals have a clue about the real level of risk posed by their trade.


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