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    It was easier when I was a uni student subsisting on kitkats and diet coke.

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    Among other things, anything that lights a fire under the food/beverage industry to get serious about product reformulation has got to be a good thing. The %DI approach has too much in common with the tobacco industry’s offer of ‘light cigarettes’ — a successful strategy for the industry resulting in zero health benefits to consumers. There is tremendous scope to reduce fat, salt and sugar in a whole range of food products. And, as Jane says, it is simply impossible to interpret the %DI in any meaningful way (and not only due to current levels of health literacy). If a product provides a large chunk of recommended daily intake (for whom?) of fibre, that may be good; if it provides a large chunk of recommended daily intake of fat, that’s probably not good. The response from a middle-aged, blue-collar male who does his own food shopping? He’d only pay attention to the traffic light system, but has issues with being ‘the sort of person who makes food decisions according to nutrition labels.’

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    Doctor Whom

    It’s bloody hopeless.

    I’m getting pretty convinced by the low carb approach combined with eliminating corn sweetener and sugar.

    I like to think I’m not totally stupid but I will have to wait until I can afford to employ a research assistant to work out wtf I can buy and eat each meal.

    At the moment the “life partner” has a thing about recording calories for each meal -I do the cooking.

    Calories ok but where do carbs get measured – what about low GI high GI – sugar, trans fats etc etc

    I want spreadsheets with brands and foods online with GI, Calories, Carbs, Sugars etc so I can just tick stuff and see what it all adds up to.

    C’mon its 2010 fer krisakes


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