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    Leo Braun

    Dr Trevor Beard: “Better still, foods that are even healthier – good enough for doctors to order them for medical treatment – will get green lights, and the free advertisement they have always deserved”! If not for the fact that the orthodox medicine practitioners steered clear of the food as a medicinal subject matter, occasionally raised by me in an attempt to consult a doctor apropos therapeutic benefit to derive, if any, from the particular nutritional intake. Only to be told to keep-up with the “balanced diet”.

    Or else a patient striving to explore the common denominator in mineral and vitamin deficiencies which possibly contributed to the ill-health, “had to consult the nutritionist”. A friend of mine, ovarian cancer sufferer , who have been undergoing chemotherapy, was told by the oncologist that she could eat anything. Even a junk-food if she desired, so long she got some protein! In the same vein she wasn’t advised of any nutritional supplement or medicinal substance to boost her blood vitality, white cells count. That dropped down seriously, bad enough to postpone the scheduled chemo!


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