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    Norman Hanscombe

    There’s no doubt about Gough’s greatness, John, and I owe him a personal debt for saving me from expulsion by the NSW Executive, when he wrote to Westerway asking him to pass on congratulations for my organising of the best run Forum he’d seen in connection with a Half-Senate Election. I suspect Don (who was one of the few left-wingers close to Gough)suggested it to Gough, and it saved me.
    Re Free University Education, it was a positive idea which unfortunately(something we tend to forget)was marred by tertiary institutions accepting students whose abilities prevented them benefitting from the courses, not to mention students who enrolled simply as a hobby or in order to impress friends by appearing to have worthwhile pieces of paper. I lecturing at Ballarat in 1974 I was appalled to find students ‘passing’ who would have difficulty coping with a pumpkin pie recipe, and the situation was made far worse by Dawkin’s deciding to call all tertiary institutions ‘universities’.
    But who cares enough to point out our Latter Day Education Emperors have no clothes?


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