About the #JustJustice book

The hard copy #JustJustice book was produced on a pronbono basis in late 2016. It was provided in addition to the promised outcomes for the #JustJustice crowdfunding campaign.

The aim was to provide a platform for advocacy, political engagement and for bringing wider attention to the issues raised by the contributors to the series published at Croakey and made available in the free e-publication. The #JustJustice team (Summer May Finlay, Dr Megan Williams, Marie McInerney, Melissa Sweet and Mitchell Ward) did this extra work on a probono basis, with the assistance of supporters and contributors Karen Wyld and Sally Fitzpatrick.

The #JustJustice team has made copies of the book available for sale at cost price to Gleebooks in Sydney. As with all bookstores, a retailer’s mark-up is added to this price. The book is also available via print-on-demand (it was provided at cost-price to these platforms, which then add their own mark-up). See Angus & Robertson, Fishpond, and Amazon.

Neither Croakey nor members of the #JustJustice team are making money from sales of this book. We were able to print a second edition of the book thanks to a grant from Western Sydney University. This grant is also being used to support further #JustJustice activities, including the publication of related articles arising from an interview with Minister Ken Wyatt and other dissemination work.

We encourage libraries, schools and other organisations to buy copies of the #JustJustice book, which provides a unique and powerful avenue for dissemination of community experiences, research and prevention and support programs and initiatives.

The crisis of over-incarceration continues. We have had much positive feedback about the impact of #JustJustice, reinforcing that unified efforts are required across disciplines, worldviews and communities in order to prevent issues from worsening and in order to stop over-incarceration. We thank and acknowledge all contributors and supporters of the #JustJustice project, who are acknowledged in more detail at the #JustJustice homepage.

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