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    ron batagol

    Yes, Ian Chapman you are completely right regarding the glaring deficiences of that Vitamin paper. This was purely an observational study, with, as you note, as many unknown variables as you can drive the proverbial truck through!! Quite frankly, it’s down right embarrassing to read such reports, which, as they always do, (nature of the beast- selling news stories etc.), spin off into dramatic media headlines overstating the implications of the findings. (remember the recent spontaneous abortion and NSAIDs paper that came out- I wrote on various Health Websites about that and I was quite critical for, because of its omissions and its methods of patient selection- Sometimes I think some stuff published as “research” just gives genuinely good and well-structured research a bad name!!).

    In the meantime, better take it all with a grain of salt! Then perhaps not – too many grains of salt too often may be harmful – I’m sure there will be a study or 3 out there to show just that!!

    Ron Batagol


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