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    Vivienne Miller

    As co-author of the 1996 National Standards for Mental Health and from 40 years of involvement in mental health services, I totally agree.

    The National Mental Health Policy & subsequent Discussion Paper on the 4th National Mental Health Plan do not amount to real policies, plans or strategies that will change or reform mental health services in Australia. As discussion papers, they set out motherhood statements which will hardly evoke any disagreement. But will any of these documents bring about change for the better in Australia? NO!

    The narrative in the documents may well be of interest, referring to and recognising various disadvantaged groups but there is nothing in the Plan that will add to reform of services across the country – it does not contain objectives, outcomes, timelines, resources and projected evaluation.

    The 4th Plan is not based on, nor does it even mention, the evaluation of the 3rd Plan. Was there an evaluation of the 3th plan? We know that there was one, so how was the 4th plan and the 2008 policy developed from this evaluation?

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    Jon Hunt

    Planning? There is no point in planning if the Government does not care enough about the problem to properly resource it.


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