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    ron batagol

    I couldn’t agree more, and if I ever hear the phrase “moving forward” again, I’ll scream! (Watson also covers this- in his books). However, as you say, treating the reader ( and listener and the Electorate) with more respect is the key, which also includes the humility to apologise and try to do better when appropriate- people will more readily forgive public figures if they are honest and are prepared top learn from their mistakes. Imagine if the PM had verbalised the things she said in Feb this year about the style and lack of consultation of her predecessor, instead of weasel words like “losing their way”! She wouldn’t have been back-tracking and seen to be so defensive for a year and a half (and probably destroyed her chances of re-election!). Straight talking, humility and honesty from community leaders – where has it gone- we desperately need it!


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