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    That’s an easy question – since the tobacco companies have so much money and power, and their products drive so much money back to the state (taxes, health problems which nurture a whole industry) – why should it be taken away?

    and what about alcohol? same story here.

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    Bill Godshall

    Barnsley’s fear mongering rhetoric is similar to that of Wayne Wheeler (who campaigned to ban the sale of alcohol in the US a century ago), Harry Anslinger (who campaigned to ban the sale of marijuana in the US 80 years ago), and religious zealots (who campaigned to ban condoms and other forms of birth control during the past century).

    But Barnsley fails to address any of the many disastrous ramifications of her (and other’s) puritanical proposal to create a black market for untaxed and unregulated cigarettes in Australia.

    Here in America, we have lots of experience ginning up public panics to lobby for counterproductive prohibition laws that have created more crime, violence, criminals, police, prosecutors, judges, juries, jails, probation officers, broken families, unemployed ex-convicts, racial disparities and public fear.

    The best way to further reduce cigarette smoking in Australia is to legalize nicotine vapor products and smokeless tobacco products (which are 99% less harmful than cigarettes, and have helped several million smokers quit smoking), and truthfully inform smokers that those products are far less harmful alternatives than cigarettes.


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