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    John Englart

    Sorry, Public health planning doesn’t justify the scale of data retention, invasion of privacy and risk of future threats to individuals and minority groups due to data linking by government or potential access by hackers.

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    If someone leaves the country – name, DOB, passport number are recorded.

    Their details such as income, education etc. will not be shared with ATO, Centrelink etc.

    These datasets contain a vast difference.

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    So the crux of your argument is that the end justifies the means. Bring in the Orwellian surveillance state, because you can think up some benefit to it. Hey, why don’t you install telescreens in everyone’s homes while you are at it? I mean after all, you could end crime, and you could gather all sorts of statistics about health outcomes of various kinds of behaviour.

    The thing you self righteous academic types don’t get is that I don’t have to help you if I don’t want to. If you ask nicely, I might think about it, but I’m not your slave nor am I your guinea pig. 89% of Australians don’t want their names stored, so apparently you don’t believe in democracy either. Because you think of yourself as being part of the “born to rule” class, who can do whatever they like to everyone else if they can get away with it. But I will try and stop you with every fibre of my body.

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    We have royal commissions into all things Aboriginal, and all the recommendations are all duly ignored. In the same way we have plenty of statistics about all things aboriginal, which are also duly ignored. We don’t need better quality statistics so that our political masters have better information to ignore. The recent revelations about NT jails shows that the government can be given all the facts on a silver platter, but still will ignore it.

    I see nothing here that justifies bringing in an all encompassing eye in the sky observation of the population. I realise PhD students are keen to have more fodder, but all the things we already know are being ignored. We have data overload.

    In utero exposure to SSRIs? Oh come on. Firstly, a lot of people prescribed SSRIs end up not taking them, or giving up before taking many. Secondly, since most people taking them are probably depressed which has all sorts of other consequences, finding correlation there will prove precisely zero. Anyway, you’ve got your little study there, is anything being done about it? No, absolutely nothing, zero, zip. Not really worth giving up our liberties for now was it?

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    Do any other jurisdictions have George Brandis in charge of their legal systems? Be afraid…


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