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    Norman Hanscombe

    Surely the most effective factor uniting disparate groups is sometimes what’s to their mutual benefit? It helps ‘noble’ posturing if you can cook up a ‘noble’ cause of course.

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    Australians are going to have to fight this government tooth and nail.

    The Liberals refuse to acknowledge the over servicing, fraud and waste going on unchallenged in the private health sector. When I asked a senior health bureaucrats why the department did not investigate sub standard overpriced private hospitals he replied ‘lobbying by a medical association, a business lobby group and a major political party’.

    Cutting front line heath services will blow out emergency departments waiting times, allow chronic patients to deteriorate until they have a major illness and save a few million. What about the billions wasted on unnecessary tests, unnecessary hospitalisation of elderly frail patients and unnecessary private hospital admissions for ‘monitoring’, that is, money making.

    What do Keith Murdock, Julian Assange, Toni Hoffman and Mohamed Khadra have in common? They are brave Australians who spoke out.


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