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    Thank you for this article. Sadly I think that breastfeeding rates beyond 6 months are extremely low. The last nationally gathered statistics were in 2010. Then only 15% of babies were still breastfed at 6 months. The recommended breastfeeding until two years are based on sound scientific information about human development. The implications for public health of replacing food designed for optimum neurological and physical development are largely unknown. Are there any population studies on child development and population health focussing on breastfeeding? I am aware of the study on breastfeeding habits which provides invaluable information.
    The whole idea of ‘Toddler formula’ is an obvious marketing ploy. I still boycott Nestle products as I was taught to do by my mother thirty five years ago years ago. It is still warranted. I hope my children will also continue the boycott and extend it to any company whose marketing will ultimately harm children and their development.


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