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    Before I read these comments I found a link that says the study results have been misinterpreted and actually show vertebroplasty does reduce back pain.

    I hope that mainstream media eager to jump on the Obama policy bandwagon are not poisoning public opinion before checking the real facts. If this one story negates 20 years of clinical research than the most vulnerable among us (pain ridden elderly osteo suffers) are going to continue to suffer is silence.

    For those of us not aided by the procedure as evident by the posts here, we should be checking facts before rushing to judgment.

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    Yes, but look who the story is quoting. It’s not surprising they don’t agree with the way the study’s findings have been reported

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    It’s naturally interesting to look at the response to the publication in the US as it is about fight or die. As the top US medical device companies are fighting hard to retain the million dollar vertebroplasty market. The vertebroplasty market seems to be much bullish as it is grows annually at a rate of 13.5 percent.

    There is also another way for the device manufacturer companies to make their customer crazy about their products, the Simulation Medical has developed series of products for organizations requiring the ability to use phlebotomy or venous access techniques to demonstrate the benefits of their new products.


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