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    Helen Leung

    It is surprising that Professor Duckett can act as a Health Program Director, and yet appear to understand little about internship.

    1. Average weekly earnings in Australia in 2012 ( was $1494.50 for full time employees working in the public sector. I can tell you that my contract with NSW Health does not come close to meeting this. I’m not complaining about the pay, I’m just pointing out that what’s stated above is incorrect.

    2. “Internships are primarily training positions”. While there is no doubt that one learns “on the job” as an intern, as one does with most other graduate-entry jobs, there is little in terms of formalised, structured teaching. An intern is a member of the health care team. Unlike medical students, they’re not passive observers anymore, they have a job to do. It is not unusual for patients to know their intern better than the consultant.

    3. ” New South Wales and Victoria, the two states which face few difficulties in staffing their public hospitals, having little incentive to expand internships.” This statement is interesting when considering the huge amount of money locum doctors make out of the public system in NSW because there is such a shortage of doctors in rural areas.


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