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    Doctor Whom

    The whole Medicare Local setup up is a classic Canberra bureaucratic schemozzle.

    I notice on here and elsewhere there is a burst of professional spin doctor handwaving (ML funded) about how great MLs are but little evidence and even less evidence of them doing anything much “locally”

    Aside from seamlessly supplying even higher paid jobs to ex GP Divisions fat cats and others, mostly without any open advertising, for doing even less work than GP Divisions, it seems that all MLs do is to funnel Fed monies to duplicate existing superior primary programs, confuse GPs, ignore other primary care services and pretend acute hospitals don’t exist along with the invisible Aged Care services.

    The main task of MLs seems to be filing in endless reports required at short notice by Canberra.

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    Charles Csubiak

    Doctor Whom – your views can’t be farther from the truth.

    Medicare Locals are starting to kick some real goals at the local level and are beginning to fix some of the chronic issues set up by State, Commonwealth and private funders / providers.

    Do the research and get the facts.

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    Doctor Whom


    How about some evidence rather than assertions, boosterism and handwaving which is all we are getting these days.


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