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    Sharilynn Gerchow

    If the Coalition is anything like the Qld Government, the notion of preventative health care is as foreign as breathing under sand

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    Helen keleher

    Savings from closing the health gap in most disadvantaged working age adults are estimated by NATSEM to be upwards of $8b. Most of the needed care needs to come from the PHC sector and a major role of Medicare Locals is to identify the gaps in services, especially for the most disadvantaged whose health is worst, and work with providers on service redesign.

    “If the health gaps between the most and least disadvantaged groups were closed, i.e. the proportions of people who are in good health or who were free from long-term health conditions, then some  405,000 to 500,000 additional individuals would be free from chronic illness” (NATSEM 2012, The Cost of Inaction).

    The population health role of Medicare Locals has never been attempted in Australia before and was never envisaged in the Divisions of General Practice. The importance of population health work is in gaining a deep understanding of health needs and health gaps in order to close those gaps, reduce the costs of inappropriate emergency department use and hospital admissions and make primary health care services easier to navigate.

    Dismantling Medicare Locals would be cynical and short-sighted and detrimental the momentum that is building for the first-time in Australia, to strengthen all of the primary health care system so it works better for everyone.


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