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    Duggy the DC3

    “Until they start providing or funding clinically important services that the community needs, no-one would notice any difference if they were shut down by an incoming coalition government except the people at the MLs who lose their jobs,”

    This one statement alone displays how much your anonymous HSD Board member Doesn’t know about Medicare locals which is a real shame. I am extremely disappointed to see them quoted without any evidence or questioning of the veracity of their claims.

    In the last 4 months my ML has been running core clinical services for patients, expanding Psychological Services, Promoting expanded Tele-health services to reduce Patient travel, attended numerous Community Meetings and Stakeholder engagement functions, and liaised extensively with key played including the Local Health and Hospital Services. This has been in addition to a mountain of paperwork, needs analysis, reporting demands from the Feds with extremely short time frames and meeting the need to Badge, Brand and promote themselves.

    My ML has been frenetic in its activity, not the least in trying to pick up unfunded services that the Local Hospital Network has decided to drop such as Public Health and Primary Care Chronic Disease services.

    The failure to recognise that ML, in the third tranche, came into existence only in July and have been absolutely flogging themselves to death to get up to speed is symptomatic of the Blinkered Rhetoric from the Opposition, disgruntled and dis-empowered Divisions, and various vested interests, in ensuring that meaningful Primary care Reform never happens in this Country.


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