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    As someone who is firmly in the middle class I’d argue that my benefit from the medicare rebate is near to nothing. I have private health insurance but I never make a claim. The real beneficiary is the private health industry. The government has made private health premiums “equitable” by preventing premium discrimination based on risk (i.e. the elderly pay the same premiums as the young and healthy). The elderly benefit on their car insurance premiums due to their low risk profiles but are protected on their health insurance. Every year my health insurance goes up – despite me not making claims, every year my car insurance goes up despite my car being worth less and less. And every time I take my family to the doctor I’m out of pocket as the fees are more than medicare rebate and my health insurance doesn’t cover the most common medical expense the average Australian incurs. I’d be very happy to see my rebate disappear and have a larger medicare rebate on GP visits – although I have a strong feeling that the GP fee will rise the exact same amount as the increased rebate from medicare. All these things point to some fundamental problems in insurance that I don’t see anyone in government doing much to manage. The only insurance premiums I pay that I don’t feel ripped off over are TAC and home contents.

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    Doctor Whom

    The current PHI subsidy in Australia is absolute madness and should be discontinued but this is not related to a Netherlands style Medicare Select.

    Different beast.

    Naughty ideological sleight of hand to link them.


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