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    Victoria Hamilton

    This is what I would DO:
    Charge patients, Doctors fees, who can afford to pay. Many,many people CAN afford to pay , but wont.
    If you use nicotine, you can afford to pay the Doctors fee.
    If you are obese, through over-eating, you can afford to pay the Doctors fee
    If you have medical side effects from an overindulgence of ANYTHING, you can afford to pay.
    STOP moddycoddling the over indulgent, they are aware of what they are doing , and choose to ignore the consequences. If they can find the money for a smoke,a bun, a tipple, they can find the money for a Doctor. Will the Government get real and stop pandering to the overindulgent, and we will have more funding for those people who truly are unwell from no -choice medical conditions

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    Missed but not Forgotten

    If you speak to the social and community workers, urban planners, environmental health officers, water and sewerage engineers they will all tell you that protecting and defending public health is part of their everyday work. They are being increasingly being asked to do this work from a shrinking resource base.

    However, the recent example of the partnership built between the NSW Food Authority and Local government in NSW, which has modernized food inspection and food safety in this State, is a great example of the willingness of local government to respond to the appropriate overtures from State and Commonwealth governments.

    Can local government respond to the contemporary public health challenges of obesity and hard wired sedentary lifestyles with infrastructure development, innovative urban planning and deft regulation? Yes they can. But what is needed is a commitment to genuine partnership with mutual obligations and perhaps a little less blue sky opining about what local government should do.

    Here in Western Sydney we have been trying, with some success, to do this with our 9 local councils. Our experience has been that one of the enemies of success is the lure of short term funding for transient enthusiasms.

    This is not to discount the need for arguments for improved transport and social infra-structure, and for bold measures to improve it, but the foundation will be a re-design of the role and authority of local government interventions in these domains.


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