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    Helen Tan

    All fines issued by police in all jurisdictions during this time in connection with social distancing rules should be reviewed, regardless of whether the recipient requests it or not. It is inevitable that those most likely to be fined by police under these far from black and white provisions will be the most disadvantaged people in our society. Such people will be intimidated and not able or willing to question what has happened to them at the hands of police.

    In all states and territories the rules that are being enforced are not black and white (except for the self isolation or quarantine at home rules). Police are at their least able in such a policing environment, and will substitute officiousness and over zealousness for intelligent consideration.

    It is notable, further, that when approaching the public and moving through them, singly or in numbers such as in the case of the presence of 12 at a Queanbeyan funeral, they are getting too close and not themselves modelling the distancing required of the public.


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