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    Thankyou Prof Homer & AProf Dahlen for making this clear, it seems the homebirth movement has nothing to fear from this research at all, in fact it could be used to support the safety of homebirth. It would really appear the AMA are “cooking the books” and it is very frightening that health policy is writen around this misinformation, I hope Roxon et al have some ability to drill beneath the editorial and see the reality. It is a particular shame that women who choose not to abort abnormal babies have their sad stories turned into data and used against all women who choose to homebirth. The AMA pretend to put women and babies first but this is becoming an hysterical personal mission for Dr Pesce and its has a lot more to do with hip pockets and ego than real improvement in relationships with overworked and underpaid midwives.

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    Typical doctors, its all about their multi million dollar incomes. They’ll do anything to keep their lucrative monopoly; let the caesaerians rip! Naturally the media lap it up, they always grovel to the saintly multi millionaire doctors.

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    Jenny Haines

    It is strange that the AMA, who promote freedom of choice in other medical fields are suddenly so concerned about home births. The issue here for mothers is surely about their freedom to choose home birth or hospital care. That choice has to be made responsibly and sensibly taking into account the best midwifery and obstetrics advice the mother can access, but once that is done, home birth can from the many accounts be a joyful experience that produces a happy, normal baby. There are lies, damn lies and statistics and the AMA knows that, and will use whatever statistics they can to protect their practice and incomes


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