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    Peter Ormonde

    Good thing to do Croaky…I look forward to regular pieces. This stuff is far too important to be left to isolated discussion amongst the professions. It is about how we live.

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    So now we have “mental health consumers”. How do I consume ‘mental health.? What is this product? this commodity? “mental health”?The way I see it is this, “mental health”is the bureaucracy engaged in funding jobs for people talking about this mysterious product, “mental health”. Mostly, people suffer mental illness and rarely,do they enjoy “mental health”. The psychiatrist who treats me insists that all of his work is in the area of mental illness. If “mental health” results from his work then well and good but he will not say that he treats mental health. Nor will he agree that I am a consumer of “mental health”. It is a perfectly insulting description of people who are ill.
    “Mental health” I regard as a cowardly obfuscation of mental illness.
    Peter W Anson


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