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    Jon Hunt

    If I could put in my two bobs worth.
    I guess I am a little surprised by the degree with which some doctors really want to do more work. I worked in the country as a GP for seven years; we would look after A+E after hours according to a roster, as well our own inpatients, as well as our practice. A large part of what you did in casualty involved nothing more than panadol and reassurance, or looking after a toothache, or an URTI or.. usually annoyingly in the middle of the night. It would be good not to be the only one who could do this. Of course you could also get the multitrauma, the AMI and the like. But doctors themselves aren’t perfect at diagnosing things, and I think we have all probably seen a few missed diagnoses at some time or another. So I don’t think that the argument that nurses might make mistakes is relevant unless you can show that they make more mistakes than doctors. That should be possible due to the risk management surveillance programs that exist in the public system. Until then, properly trained nurses are welcome to look after all that boring stuff and probably keep the doctors more sane in the process…!


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