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    Melissa Sweet

    Melissa Sweet

    On related themes, here are some suggestions for how government could mark Mental Health Week – made on Twitter yesterday by John Falzon, Chief Executive Officer of the St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia.

    Some things govt could do 2 mark #mentalhealth wk:
    1 stop incarcerating asylum seekers
    2 implement #RCIADIC recs
    3 increase #Newstart
    4 Stop blaming people 4 unemployment
    5 Abandon punitive treatment of jobseekers
    6 Fight 4 gender equality
    7 Abandon policies of discrimination
    8 Give a #Gonski
    9 #Housing for all
    10 Open the doors to Unis
    11 Don’t make it unaffordable 2ca GP
    12 #jobs plan instead of putting the boot into the unemployed plan
    13 Speak #hope
    14 Abandon compulsory income management
    15 Fund community development
    16 Protect casual workers
    17 Stop punishing single mums
    18 Stop taking from the poor to give to the rich
    19 Reject behavioural approaches to structural problems
    20 Respect People

    In response to his request to the Twittersphere for further suggestions, Falzon received these suggestions:

    Stop whipping up unnecessary fear.
    Stop emphasising differences to create wedges between communities.
    Properly fund TAFE and reduce student debt.
    Restoring parenting payment to single parents would also help whole families with their mental health.
    Stop closing refuges & shelters. Open more.
    More social housing
    More respite for carers 4 better for health workers
    Adequately train and resource health services so staff aren’t overwhelmed and at risk of burnout


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