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    Brendan Jones

    What does this country have against free speech?

    For those who haven’t been following the debate, Australians do not have the same right to free speech Americans have. They have the first amendment. Their journalists are protected when they pursue public interest stories. Their public servants are allowed to criticise the government. We have none of those protections in Australia.

    Our family chose our doctors based on word of mouth and other patients comments online. We’re delighted with them. Yet AHPRA thinks I don’t have the right to hear that information?

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    GP Rural

    I wonder where this leaves the fledgling Patient Opinion movement in Australia?

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    Les Posen

    Let’s go one step further. I am already being approached by IT companies hoping to sell me their ability to make an app for my practice, say for appointment making. I’d rather an app for other more clinical purposes, but what happens when the reaches the App store, and begins to rated an commented upon. (Apps with no comments or rating I think are passed over for those that have, even of the former is a better app).

    Do the ratings and comments on the app store rank as testimonials: ” This is a great app. Dr. Smith has taken her 20 years experience and developed an app which will be a great tool for those who suffer with…” She is to be commended for making her app free/inexpensive.”

    Are registered practitioners expected to write to the App store (Apple or Google Play) and say no comments are allowed? You wouldn’t think it’s 2014 and most patients have smartphones in their pockets, would you?

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    Philip Darbyshire

    This is emblematic of AHPRA and we should have expected nothing less (and certainly nothing more). I would love to know of the extent of this “consultation” that they mention. If it was anything like the consultation on their Social Media Policy, Daleks discuss things more openly.


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