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    Jane Donnelly

    Prescribing should occur where the medicines are managed within a clinical trial. Where patients do not meet the clinical trial criteria, prescribing should only occur where data is collected to inform developing evidence. This should occur where there is good medicine governance and an ability to collect evidence, usually through a Drugs and Therapeutics Committee in hospital.
    By prescribing outside a clinical and without the collection of evidence, is a lost opportunity and will result in a dearth of evidence that it is either effective or ineffective.
    Refer to the CATAG Guiding Principles for the use of off-label medicines

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    Peter Allen

    I recall Marshall who proposed that a bug caused ulcers.
    Unproven they kept saying. It’s just anecdotal.
    I don’t believe said a gastro professor as he swigged a glass of helicobacter pond water.
    And came down with a god awful ulcer.

    I’m not proposing “just in case” Plawuenil in the drinking water.
    Let’s watch the controlled trials which are indeed based on some impressive anecdotal data.
    Because anecdotes come first which prod further close study.

    Unproven yet is not the same as proven not to work.
    Be careful. Trump Derangement Syndrome is powerful.


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