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    Rosemary Lynch

    Do not give up. It is a huge toll. Even for whitefellers involved in black advocacy. :Who will speak up for us, now?” That is what was said. The struggle is a good one. I am pushing for a Human Rights Act, that argument is partly based on your Royal Commission Vol 1, Ch. 5.49, to get your rights made enforceable. As you know, they are not enforceable now. So we have to take it on.

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    Mr Cubillo is absolutely spot on with everything he mentioned in this article. The expectations from Indigenous Australians towards positive change and advancement are more often than not left with the disappointment and frustration of the status quo, continued oppression.

    Mainstream Australians continuously criticise and crucify indigenous Australians based on the apparent level of support received through federal funding. However, what the mainstream do not realise or don’t want realise is that over 85-90% or possibly a higher percentage of indigenous funding does not reach the intended client and outcomes but rather consumed by ridiculously high administration and cost of supporting and employing non indigenous Australians, in most cases contractors from interstate who have no real interest in indigenous advancement.

    Unfortunately Genuine people like Eddie who tirelessly and passionately advocate for indigenous advancement are very few and far between. I for one greatly appreciate what you have done and continue to do for your people Eddie, and I honestly think this sentiment is echoed throughout our people.

    Keep your head up Wawa. We are with you all the way.

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    Betty Cragg

    I strongly believe in the words spoken.
    we all have to stand up for our rights in our land.
    this is our land and country, I dint like the word indigenous I never came to this country
    I was born he like my father and mother and grandparents and their parents before them.
    We work to better our people by learning the policies of the government of the day .
    because this changes with the wind.
    We need more people to speak in government for us.


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