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    Nina Tinning

    Darren, your story has touched me deeply. Having also experienced domestic violence as a child and an adult, I can attest to the way your words have poignantly captured the fear & psychological scars that lead to the self-destructive behaviour I understand well.

    Your descriptions of violence & fear; ‘It was his anger that I remember most, long after the bruises and breaks had healed’, potently portrays the internalised fear and unworthiness that drives destructive behaviour long after the perpetrator has gone.

    The images, feelings and reflections that have stayed with me from reading your story however, are not of the violence, but of the strength of your mum, the strength she had to keep you and your sisters together, and to give you an educational and emotional foundation through her love, affection and mentoring, that you could use as a lifeline.

    I admire your strength. Telling your story- honestly and openly illustrating the life story of someone whose experience of the social determinates around domestic violence and racism and the very real and detrimental consequences and importantly, the potential for healing and transformation – is a great gift to many.

    Thank you for sharing your story Darren Parker.

    P.S. I gave up alcohol nearly 4 years ago. After a lifetime of alcoholism it took me nearly 3 years to reach a feeling of being a different person. I still struggle with ‘sober socialising’, but every day gets easier and I loooove waking up in the morning with just the run of the mill regrets of life


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