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    Kay Gee

    Some novel concepts which I suspect the gaming industry became aware of about 10 minutes after Pong was released. The rest were probably realised whenever character based role play games were invented however many centuries ago that was.

    “Players start out as the new kid in town to play out real-life scenarios and test the consequences of their choices.”

    – Sounds a lot like pretty much every character based game I’ve ever seen. Grand Theft Auto’s scenarios are possible a bit more real-life than many are willing to admit, but the new kid in town idea above describes it perfectly.

    “What if we bring the utility of high quality journalism — facts, context, integrity, story telling, caring, speaking truth to power — to a game?”

    – There are a whole host of games that already do this, mostly the successful ones. Sports based dynasty games such as all the NBA, NHL, FIFA experiences are all about the facts, the context, and involving the player in the story and history of the team. Event based games such as Medal of Honour – true it is a violence based game, but looking beyond that it is all about a good story with a great deal of historical context. Even good old Carmen Sandiego has facts, context, and integrity although it is admittedly a mildly repetitive story.

    Some of the very best games teach you an awful lot without alerting you to the fact that you’ve learnt a single thing. Curiously – that sounds a lot like what you hear about a lot of the best teachers out there in school land.

    What was the idea behind walking around in Boo Radley’s shoes? There seem to be a large number of armchair experts generally deriding video games without actually having played them well.

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    Brandon Slots

    The negative aspects described can be attributed to many actiities in life. The gaming and computing industry does provide great options for many people, who in the past felt useless and disenfranchised with the many alternative options pre computing and gaming in particular.

    Croakey adds: Brandon has advised Croakey that he represents a free online gaming website.

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    Very interesting piece. I like focusing on the positive potential video games still have to offer.

    Video games like PS3 Games, PSP Games are an entirely new platform by which to reach out to society. The trick for using games as an educational conduit for teens is authenticity. Teens are very entertainment savvy and will not be convinced by poorly positioned messages in games. That being said, the potential is there. We just need to get some talented marketers to figure out how to pull it off!


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