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    Graham Harrison

    A very interest and powerful bit of writing from Anne Lambert. Particularly cutting through the Government statistical spin on donation rates and subtly resting the responsibility of poor donor rates at the door step of the community at large. I was also interested to read how the impact of funding, both from AOTA and the States has had an impact on donor rates.

    And then her article hit a road block by placing more emphasis on the National Donor Register and stating that First Person Consent is the way forward. They continue to overlook or even acknowledge that a fundamental and critical area of organ retrieval is at the bedside in the ICU as managed by each individual hospital. If you don’t get this process right then numbers reflect the outcomes currently being produced.

    Gee I sound like a broken record. WHEN WILL THEY INVOLVE DONOR FAMILIES to improve a system that needs fixing!!!!!

    Regards Graham Harrison
    Donor Dad
    Member of DFA (Donor Families Australia)

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    You want organ donations to go up? Easy. The government should purchase the organs from the estates.

    To ask people to give up their families organs for free is ridiculous, especially when their value to someone else (and the economy) is immense.

    If these estates were compensated for the organs, I’m sure there would be more incentive for relatives to adhere to the wishes of the dead and give up their kin’s organs and tissues.


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