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    Scott Grant

    These comparisons are interesting. But a fairer comparison would include both cost and clinical outcomes. Do West Australians (highest cost per discharge) get better health care than Victorians (lowest cost)? What are the comparative waiting times? And so forth. Perhaps we should all be striving to match Western Australia? I don’t know.

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    Good comment Scott.

    This article seems to be written with implicit assumptions that might be apparent to somebody in the field – not the general Crikey readership.

    I think a good article for Croakey would be a good comparison between public and private health ideologies and how they vary in their costs, treatment and outcomes (social as well as economic). And where might be the best mix of the two?

    The debate on health, in the public arena, seems difficult because people can only bring their needs and experience to the topic and not an educated understanding of all the necessary points of discussion. included.


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