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    It is true that private pathology get more in PEI than public, but that’s about it. Public pathology is funded at state government level far above the MBS pays to private. The wages in WA SA are 40% more in public vs private so the cost of pathology is far more in public vs private. Yes the market rents are causing distortion but could be sorted if collection centres were not allowed to be co located in clinics. Then you’d get a good distribution of centres.

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    Hi Rob,

    The cost of pathology is reflective of a range of factors, yes, award rates but also testing profile – highly complex tests cost more and are more common in tertiary hospitals for instance.

    Rental data has been analysed by the Commonwealth Government and patterns are the same whether the collection centre is colocated with a clinic or not.

    Wouldn’t it be great if all government funding for pathology covered the cost of all tests performed regardless of the type of provider!


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