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    Vern Hughes

    Nick Zwar has at least acknowledged that this system in the United States is ‘doctor-centric’. Using the right language in describing systems of care is important, and the terms ‘doctor-centric’ and ‘provider-centric’ are the right terms to use in describing our current primary care system and many of the proposed reforms to it.

    But, please, let’s not pretend that this is a ‘patient-centred’ alternative. This is a ‘provider-centred’ model erroneously and deceptively called a ‘patient-centric medical home’ model. What a mess! A model based on consumer enrolments can become patient-centric if the funds for care coordination are attached to the consumer and (as in the NDIS) can be taken to the care coordinator of the consumer’s choice, and if the health history of the consumer is captured in a patient-controlled health record. If both of these conditions are met, we are same way towards having a patient-centred primary care system.

    GPs, however, should have no monopoly on the care coordination function – any agent that has the trust of the consumer, including nurses, teams of practitioners, health brokers and health funds should be permitted to assume the care coordination function.

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    David Brown

    great general idea

    the main underlying issue with anything born and bred in the US is that its all skewed by the privately funded profit motive…..

    mostly this means eceryone lower than the top 10% to 20% of rich patients wont really be considered and in the US wont be able to be included in planning

    for Australia, think clearly about the practibility of UNIVERSAL application and fully public funded care

    scrap ambitions for private health care…. who needs hotel services and publicly funded profits when looking at human needs?

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    Rohena Duncombe

    Community health centres a better fit for both health and primary. Cant see Aussie GPs being involved in the network of services for their clientele, or for case management – likely to be divested to their practice nurses, which is NOT the proposal

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    Joanne Ramadge

    It is worth a go as our current system is not working that well. However, GOs will need to work more closely with specialist nurses and allied health professionals outside the their surgery so people can really access the care they need. How will this happen?


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